Doing what you’ve got to do to make things happen comes easy for some. For DJ K-OZ, a DJ/songwriter from the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, moving from behind the pen and DJ booth to a microphone and sound booth has birthed a new mission—make relateable music that makes people celebrate again.

After attending Virginia State University and earning a degree in Mass Communications, DJ K-OZ continued to hone her passion for music by DJ’ing clubs and events in the Richmond, VA and Washington, D.C. areas—however, songwriting was behind the scenes. Establishing Eccentric Music Productions, DJ K-OZ took to writing and arranging songs for other artists—party songs and R&B, but ran into challenges to find the perfect artists to bring her songs to life, vocally.

“My main goal is to write songs and hooks for artists as well as DJ memorable events. I never liked being in the forefront, I prefer to be behind the scenes.” said K-OZ. “I couldn’t find anyone to sing or rap my songs, so I figured I would get my work out there by doing it myself,” she added.

Aiming to create a vibe where listeners “…feel good, relaxed or ready to party”, K-OZ is certain of the impact (and message) she wants listeners to experience. “I want listeners to understand my mindset. I’m authentic with my lyrics…you don’t have to be a thug to make hip-hop music.”